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Pamplonica Opens Its Iberian Product Shop “La Boca Agua”

Beriain, 29th of June 2011

Pamplonica also backs Iberian products: last year, the company entered into partnership with the owners of farmland in Espiel (Córdoba), the very heartland of the Los Pedroches Designation of Origin. It will now be selling the products from there through its gourmet shop “La Boca Agua”, located at the back of the Beriain plant.

Those attending the opening, held last Monday, had the chance to try a selection of the finest Iberian products sold under the Dehesa de Campo Alto brand, all washed down with wine from Bodega Inurrieta. The technical heads at Pamplonica also conducted several guided tours of the Beriain plant for all those who wanted to see how the firm makes its products at first hand.

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